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Poets Lane

 Madison Park during the January Blizzard

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 This project covered a eight week period of photographing in New York City. There was no preplanned idea or conception of what would be covered. As the project evolved, it became a dialog of daily life in the city. More of an exploration of places, people, and things in and around New York City.

With the help of two assistants, I was able to produce over 3000 raw images in film, digital, and polaroid formats.

Home base was a friends apartment on 24th street and 3rd avenue. This location proved to be very important as it was central in location and getting to all parts of the Manhattan by foot, subway, or cab was a snap. As the project went on, one central theme became evident. The view out of the 18th floor apartment window had a large clocktower that really became a major element in the project. Time was of the essence, of course, and the clock tower was both an alley and an enemy in many respects.

As I stated, there really was no theme as the project started. During the time of Jan to March, New York was home to a wonderful snowstorm, the fashion show at Bryant Park, and of course "The Gates". I found myself drawn to the "Gates" exhibit for both the exhibit and the crowds that it drew. I was so amazed to see the numbers of people drawn to something of such size. I was able to make 5 different trips to shoot to see what the difference would be. You'll see that I was most intrigued by the night after the closing in which it was snowing like hell, and there was no one in the park. Some of the best images I feel from the project are from that night.

Prints from the project will be available in the upcoming months. Single prints and series will be offered. Please note that not all images int the series will be offered as single prints.